Novels & Movies

How boring would our life be without novels and movies…

When opening a book it’s like it gets life. Its pages are ready to welcome you. Maybe when some people like to sniff a book and say they love the smell of printing, it’s a kind of introducing one to another. Even it’s a thing, an inanimate bunch of papers, yet the universe it encompasses enables your mind, imagination an creativity to unleash, grow and develop. When really reading a book you have to feel it, listen to the harmonies woven by the letters on each page.

For me, when reading a book is like watching a movie. The difference is that it’s me who puts the colours, moulds the characters, creates the setting.

Speaking of movies, they are, along with novels, another great way of spending time. Getting really absorbed by a movie helps your brain make connections, relax, get new ideas. Empathizing with the characters, going through those experiences, events and situations makes you face personal fears, hidden thoughts, think how you would react in similar situations.

Stay tuned for scented novels and mind-catching movies!

A Good Year

– The King’s Speech

– Black Swan

– Never Let Me Go

– Love and Other Drugs

– Going the Distance

– Tangled

– Rio

– No Strings Attached

– Hall Pass

– Something Borrowed

– Your Highness

– Pirates of the Caribbean 4: On Stranger Tides

– Crazy Stupid Love

– Peaceful Warrior

– Zen Noir

– Midgnight in Paris

– Chocolat

– A Dangerous Method

– New Year’s Eve

– Sherlock Holmes: A Games of Shadows

– Memoirs of a Geisha

– Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas

– Goya’s Ghosts

– Johnny English Reborn

– Puss in Boots

– Forrest Gump

– Unfaithful

– The Vow

– El Greco

– Modigliani

– 300

– The Illusionist

– Amelie

– Paris je t’aime

– Coco avant Chanel

– The Time Traveler’s Wife

– The Woman in the Fifth

– Madagascar 3

– The Hobbit

– The Phantom of the Opera (G.Butler)

– The Words

– Sin City

– Lincoln

– Django Unchained

– Silver Linings Playbook

– Life of Pi

– Hope Springs

– Argo

– Side Effects

– Amour

– Beasts of Southern Wild

– The Sessions

– Last Night

– Stoker

– The Great Gatsby

– Monsters Inc
– Monsters University
– Despicable Me 1, 2


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