The technique developed by the Eastern philosophies may bring upon you a lot of  advantages. It calms your body and mind, facilitates an enlightened and joyous life. Meditation can help you a lot in focusing on certain purposes and get rid of useless background noise.

A telling story about meditation comes from the ancient Pali texts that liken meditation to the process of taming a wild elephant. The procedure was to tie a newly captured animal to a post with a good strong rope. When you do this, the elephant is not happy. He screams and tramples and pulls against the rope for days. Finally it sinks through his skull that he can’t get away, and he settles down. At this point you can begin to feed him and to handle him with some measure of safety. Eventually you can dispense with the rope and post altogether and train your elephant for various tasks. Now you’ve got a tamed elephant that can be put to useful work. In this analogy the wild elephant is your wildly active mind, the rope is mindfulness, and the post is your object of meditation, your breathing. The tamed elephant who emerges from this process is a well-trained, concentrated mind that can then be used for the exceedingly tough job of piercing the layers of illusion that obscure reality. Meditation tames the mind.


Mindfulness in Plain English: 20th Anniversary Edition – Bhante Gunaratana



We can empty our minds by letting the past die each second and focusing on the present moment only. Connect to the present through all our senses and getting the most of it – the key to really living our lives. Here you have a touching movie on people seizing the moment!

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