Inspire…expire…a source of little invisble delight practiced daily. Inspiration is for mind as air is for lungs. Imagine a little the framework of one’s wanting to create something and being without inspiration: the worst nightmare! The much-awaited muse doesn’t come by herself; you have to get involved. Create the space and atmosphere favourable to her. Build her a place to stay and once she arrived make her feel like home. Treat her like a queen and pamper her as much as you can.

Inspiration is that magic mood when there is no notion of time or place for you. When you feel like you’re the king of the world and whatever comes out of your mind will be awesome.  Inspiration is when floating on the magic carpet.

Each of us is inspired by unique things, people, events, situations, etc. And since we are in the store of inspiration, I hope you find on this site many sources of inspiration! Just stretch out your hand and grab what you need from the shelf!



Art Inspiration

Two designers, Ioana and Gabriel gathered together inspiration from different domains like: typogrphy, photography, graphic design, jewelry design, art. Either you are a creative person or just interested in spicing up your life with funny, witty creative ideas, here is the place for you. For all of you, and especially for those creative people in the advertising agencies looking for inspiration and unusual creative ideas, there is Inspiration of the Nation.

Here you will find the daily art inspiration starting points that will make you a more creative person. You will feel inspired by some banana creatures, leaf origami art, Jackson Pollock jam spreadings, butterflies dresses, aquarium earrings but you will also be exposed to common things like: ideas intersection of culture, design, art inspiration, fashion, architecture and illustration.


Great documentary for artists and not only!

Leonardo da Vinci (BBC documentary)

Leonardo da Vinci is a three-part BBC documentary series telling the life story of Leonardo da Vinci who was not only a great artist, but also a great inventor, engineer and anatomist. The series reconstructs Leonardo da Vinci’s life from early childhood to death highlighting his work as an inventor, engineer, geologist and anatomist as well as an artist. Using Leonardo da Vinci’s original writings and expert analysis, the series builds and tests some of his designs such as a parachute, tank, diving suit, glider and robot. And also in the third episode the series investigates Leonardo da Vinci’s greatest masterpiece – the Mona Lisa.

Leonardo da Vinci: Episode 1 – The Man Who Wanted to Know Everything
This episode examines the first half of Leonardo da Vinci’s life, from his birth near Florence to his famous achievements in the great cities of the Italian Renaissance.


Leonardo da Vinci: Episode 2 – Dangerous Liaisons
This episode looks at the second half of Leonardo da Vinci’s life, especially his life in Venice. Leonardo da Vinci experiments with his inventions – a diving suit and glider.


Leonardo da Vinci: Episode 3 – The Secret Life of the Mona Lisa
Centred around Leonardo da Vinci’s greatest masterpiece – the Mona Lisa. How and why has it become so famous? This episode investigates the identity of the elusive woman.



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