Fitness & Workout

Great ideas originate in the muscles. Thomas Alva Edison
Fitness and workout are the key to a healthy life. The current lifestyle makes us prone to sedentarism. To be healthy, with a good mood and without stress, it is essential that you shake a little that body of yours.
The progresses medicine made, lead to a medium lifetime of 75 years old, while in the Middle Ages a person barely reached 33.  Many of the diseases causing the death centuries ago, are now cured by just taking a few pills. Many of the nowadays jobs carry on  in confined places, where employees sit down most of the time. The lack of physical activity causes them problems of overweight and obesity. Moreover, staying 8 hours a day in the same position, which is not always correct, causes spine pains and problems.
The human body is designed for motion. In fact, its musculoskeletal system (composed of muscles and skeleton) is 70% of the body weight. That is why we need to do our workouts regularly, to stay healthy and avoid getting sick.
Numerous studies have shown that getting into fitness not only strengthens your health, but also improves people’s mood, helps falling asleep, fights against anxiety, stress and depression, improving the self-image and making people feel better with themselves.
You have to be aware first of all that practising any kind of physical training not only helps you stay fit in your little black dress or your tuxedo, but also counts a lot for your health. Your care for a healthy body should be the main engine to keep you practising, besides the exterior reason of displaying a catchy image.


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