Sip Life Like a Good Red Wine!

I’ve recently seen such a good movie that I fell asleep with a childish smile on my face: A Good Year.

The central character is a prosperous businessman, Max Skinner, enliven by one of my favourite actors, Russell Crowe. The story is quite simple, but the way it gets to you is quite something. Max inherits an old castle in Provence. Besides the castle there’s a vineyard and his decision of selling everything seems unshakeable. Only that an unexpected thing happens: a skittish Frenchwoman enters the stage … and the rest is for you to discover.

Among many memorable scenes I want to share two of them with you.

There is this scene in the office of an important businessman, who has a copy of a Van Gogh on the wall. Max is curious whether that is the original painting and the guy tells him he keeps the authentic piece locked up in a vault. Max cannot refrain himself and asks how he can enjoy the real piece of art if he keeps it locked and sets times for seeing it.

Another touching scene is when Max realizes life passes by him. He is just a looker outside the whole picture, being busy making business and money. He then brilliantly concludes money is a vice that blinded him. It paralyzed him, it didn’t let him feel life to its fullest.

Why save that crystal set only for a special day in the year? Why keep that fine lace blouse wrapped up in a closet? Why keep yourself so busy building empires if you cannot enjoy the colours of a sunny day in park?

Enjoy the moments of today. Breathe the present!


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