Computer games, console games, board games…they all have such a nice purpose and that is to make us relax, have fun alone …

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The Great Gatsby Soundtrack by Various Artists

Baz Luhrmann’s vision beautifully paints the fresco of the 20’s society through visual effects, costumes and a gorgeous soundtrack. You come to …

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Inspirational Audio Books for Relationships

Relationships are something you cannot avoid in your life. It might seem easy and natural to manage them, but they prove to …

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Inspirational Audio Books for Self-Development

“It’s so important to make someone happy. Start with yourself.”

This personal and inner growth will help you more than any other …

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Chocolat Soundtrack by Rachel Portman

Mother and daughter open a chocolate shop in a small French village that vex the rigid morals of the people. Brilliantly transposed …

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Midnight in Paris Soundtrack by Various Artists

This movie simply spreads more magic (as if any more was needed) over the city of Paris. The songs beautifully help weaving …

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