A Feast of Love

Since Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, we’ve prepared a post dedicated to love. 🙂

This supreme feeling wouldn’t need a special day to be celebrated. All our days must be filled with love, we should express it and receive it daily. The history of this holiday goes back a  long time ago, and even if nowadays it got a more and more commercial aspect, is up to each of us to decide what to make of it.

Now, it depends a lot on your imagination, vision, creativity, financial possibilities, the level of your relationship. From a simple “I love you”, to greeting cards, chocolate box, flowers, perfume and why not even a trip to Paris, Venice, Rome, you will chose what to offer.

Take a look at our suggestions and see which one winks at you!





  • If you’re kind of the romantic and spiritual type, reciting her some verses might be a good idea. Try some of the best love poems of the classics Shakespeare, Byron, Keats or the modern poetry
  • Are you rather the stay at home and watch a movie/read a book type? Then you might take into consideration some, let’s call them self-development books for the couple

Our suggestions include:

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus by John Gray

Secrets of Great Sex by John Gray

Why Men Don’t Listen and Women Can’t Read Maps: How We’re Different and What to Do About It by Allan and Barbara Pease

Why Men Want Sex and Women Need Love: Solving the Mystery of Attraction by Allan and Barbara Pease

Why Men Don’t Have a Clue and Women Always Need More Shoes: The Ultimate Guide to the Opposite Sex by Barbara and Allan Pease

Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage: Unlocking the Secrets to Life, Love and Marriage by Mark Gungor

The Sex Bible: The Complete Guide to Sexual Love by Susan Crain Bakos


  • Wanna do something with your own hands?

You could bake him/her a cake or some cupcakes, crepes Suzette or whatever you know they drool over. Try writing a poem, or at least a few soulful lines…or, my dear ladies, if you don’t like your words lining up, then you might try this cute suggestion of giving them 7 days of love like shown here.

  • Others suggestions that you might find useful:

– Take your partner out for a romantic candle lit dinner

– A good movie at the cinema.

– Indulge yourselves, in turn, with a good massage. Drink a glass of wine.

– Your holiday falls in the same period with Valentine’s? Or you just wanna take a few days off? Then you might have in view a place crowded with romanticism. Think about the everlastingly romantic Paris, the airy Venice, the bohemian Prague or the eternal Rome.

– Should things get any hotter, I bet the girls will be resourceful. Just some advice in case you need any backup. 🙂 Put on some leather, maybe a pair of pants or a skirt that would make his imagination go wild.

Lace is another hot thing that comes to my mind. A nice set of black lace lingerie…a set of handcuffs, an eye mask….a lap dance. You go girl and set your man on fire!


To get into an inspirational mood listen to this playlist.


Anyway, the most important is for you two to spend some quality time together. Love’s epicenter is not in a day, but in two souls!


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